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Welcome to Don Omar Ocean Restaurant! This is a cozy place in the city center with a unique design. The first species restaurant in the city with a real eleven-meter ten-ton marine aquarium with many colorful fish and corals. Getting into the atmosphere of the underwater world, you can truly appreciate the culinary delights prepared by our chefs.

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The concept of the Don Omar restaurant is an oceanic fish restaurant with a wide range of live seafood and fish in the aquariums of our establishment. Don Omar is a restaurant with no nationality. Its menu includes fish and seafood from all over the world: dozens of fish species – royal dorado, Chilean sea bass, red mullet, turbot, monkfish, Australian barramundi, sole, tuna, wild Norwegian salmon, eel, black cod, as well as live rainbow trout, sterlet, Russian sturgeon, carp and much more.

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Parrot Antoshka
Phil the Turtle

In the aquariums of our gourmet restaurant, dozens of live seafood delicacies are presented: langoustines, Canadian lobsters, Norwegian crabs, lobsters, Mediterranean mussels, vongole, sea urchins, as well as various types of cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid, and more than 10 species of live oysters) …